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Serial Killer Thriller

Randy Custon had it all, including a horrific secret that would bring devastation to a small midwestern town as he spirals out of control.

Overwhelmed by years of emotional tug of war he indulges in a sado-sexual killing spree until the object of his desire begs him to do the impossible.

In an effort to honor the one true love of his life, Randy engages his latest intended victim to help him do what he can’t on his own.

In a blood-soaked motel room he drives her terror over the brink, forcing the confrontation that only one of them can survive.

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Soul Hunters

Supernatural Thriller

Eddy Jay was the most prolific serial child killer you never heard of.

Twenty years ago, in the town of Sedalia, he was killed.

Today, on the anniversary of his murder he’s back to finish what he started over forty years ago.

Justin Sanders hunts ghosts, demons and things that go “bump” in the night, it’s in his blood.

When the spirit of Eddy Jay returns to claim ‘the one that got away’, the young psychic finds himself embroiled in a supernatural game of cat and mouse that started decades before he was born.

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Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Wednesday’s Child

It’s 2055, the ruins of the nation are a graveyard haunted by the feral and broken survivors of Antoine Pecho’s eugenics holocaust. Among them, is Jade McKay, the sole operative in the New United Military Alliance’s “Project SAF”. Her primary duty is to ensure that the current timeline is NOT altered. She does this by keeping the architect of the alliance between the Unders and NUMA alive. His name is Darien Rivers.

Upon returning from a mission, Jade is assigned to investigate the murder of her Commander, Harold Mitchell. The very same murder she’s being accused of committing.

Meanwhile, Mitchell has been replaced by an idealistic new Commander, Stone Rivers, Darien’s grandson.

On his first day of formal command, Jade is taken captive by Pecho’s operatives in the UC in the hopes of obtaining classified information buried deep in her subconscious.

It’s going to take teamwork to enable Jade to stop the UC from learning what she knows and using it to rewrite history in their favor.

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Into The Fire

America is teetering on the threshold of a new dawn, but there’s a storm brewing.

When U.C. Director Pecho launches a nationwide attack against NUMA and its Underground allies, everything changes.

Lieutenant Commander McKay sets off on an assassin’s mission to take out the man most directly responsible for the destruction of the United States.

There’s just one problem, he’s expecting her.

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Fortune’s Tide

Struggling to maintain their grip on the citizens of the United States, the U.C. unleashes a doomsday weapon onto the populous.

Once again, it’s up to Jade McKay and Delta squad to save the nation from the psychotic ravages of a living weapon with its own agenda; and bring the country back from the brink of destruction.

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THE DRUMS OF WAR BEAT in time with the pulse of two universes on the brink of extinction.

Genre: Fantasy Action/Adventure

The Coming of Schades 

Two boys of one soul entangled with a sister universe fighting for survival against the Living Dark must learn to use the powers of an ancient bloodline and call forth the descendants of Earth’s first heroes to save both worlds and all life from extinction.

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Return of the Line; 

The time has come for those of The Line to return.

Four years ago Nick and Frank Emerson learned they were destined to lead a band of heroes in a war against the Living Dark and its sinister minions.

The time for war between light and dark is near, Schades are assembling, Vestiges are rising, and the Heroes are stepping forth to defend all life.

Destiny has come to claim two brothers whose shared soul holds the key to save the universe, or destroy it.

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The Third Race 

Trapped in a world they could not have foreseen; Nick and Frank Emerson begin to understand more about the role destiny has in store for them

Agents of the Living Dark move unseen among us, they sow sinister seeds and hunt all those who would help he two young brothers survive their destiny

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The Fourth Tier.

THE DRUMS OF WAR BEAT in time with the pulse of two universes on the brink of extinction.

In our sister universe, led by the youngest Emerson, the Heroes unite with their Sidhe brethren.

The time has come to pay old debts, renew ties and re-affirm alliances to turn back the invading tide of Living Dark as its claws sink deeper into the birthplace of its first enemy

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