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“Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Choice” by J.A Carlton

Your Destiny is YOUR CHOICE! No one has a right to take it from you, or force you to bend to their will. Inside, you’ll find some tips and techniques to understand the behaviors and programming that others use to control and manipulate you, and how to change your perception about them so you maintain control over your responses to them and your actions. Your life and destiny starts with YOU! Building deeper joy and fulfillment within them ALSO starts with YOU, and your CHOICES!

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“Touch Me : A Beginner’s Guide To Massage”

Everything you’ll need to know to start nurturing those who mean the most to you, (including yoursef), in one easy to follow guide.

  • Major muscle groups
  • Common trigger points
  • Bony landmarks
  • Most commonly used techniques

Cultivate your own unique massage style and enhance your relationships with positive touch.

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