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“Eradication” is a word that flashes images of devastation in your mind whenever you think of it. It is a relentless and unforgiving force that leaves nothing but desolation in its wake. It speaks of a concerted effort to wipe out, to annihilate without mercy or remorse.

This is what the reality looked like for those who lived in the world created by J. A. Carlton in her novel Wednesday’s Child. Let’s take a peek.

The Nightmare

In 2055, the United States plunged into a nightmare of its own making, isolated from the global community and ravaged by internal strife.

Over 70% of its population had been eradicated, victims of the narcissistic ambitions of a man driven by a desire to out-design God himself. This cataclysmic event, known as The Eradication, marked the beginning of a war that would send shockwaves reverberating worldwide.

The Fight Against Sinister Goals

To make things worse, the sinister forces, pushed by those in power, were willing to go to any lengths to retrieve classified information buried deep within Team Leader of Delta Squad, Jade McKay’s subconscious.

After the abduction of the brave McKay, the new chief of the Delta Squad, Commander Stone Rivers, on his first day in charge, faced the daunting task of leading his team into the heart of darkness to rescue McKay and prevent the sinister forces from unleashing further chaos upon the world.

A Tale of Betrayal and Sacrifice

The Eradication was the time of betrayal, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to surrender to tyranny. As Delta Squad ventured deeper into the belly of the beast, they encountered horrors beyond imagining, facing off against human and inhuman foes in their quest to save McKay and uncover the truth.

The legacy of The Eradication is a somber reminder of the fragility of freedom and the dangers of unchecked power. It serves as a warning to future generations, a testament to the sacrifices made in the name of liberty and the imperative of remaining ever vigilant against those seeking to extinguish the flame of freedom.

Are you curious about what happens next for Rivers, Jade, and the Delta Squad? Read J. A. Carlton’s Wednesday’s Child: The Freedom Fighters to find out.

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